Isn’t it time we put stock in each other?
Black American Stock Exchange {BASE}

Welcome to BASE!

Black American Stock Exchange (BASE) is seeking to become the next generation stock exchange market with a major presence in the black community of entrepreneurs, speculators and investors.  The market’s leverage is its professional partnerships with expert advisors, entrepreneurial content and marketing expertise through this website and affiliate sources.  This successful launch of BASE relies on acquisition of business plans, those companies with Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and/or those companies which are offering ground floor opportunities (GFOs).

For the first time ever can we seriously begin to contemplate a regulatory quantification of what we mean by building an economic powerbase by explicitly applying a series of principles you’re more likely to find in business schools than in public schools.  We want to reinforce the notion that Black Americans ideas and businesses are worth investing in as much as any other.  Especially by us.

A Place in the Crowd

Less than 10% of minorities that can afford it actually invest in traditional stock markets like NASDAQ and NYSE.  However, many invest in individuals within their own communities.  The Asian and Jewish communities are great examples of how communities can thrive by investing in each other.  Our purpose of introducing BASE is to give you the opportunity to help strengthen the African-American communities within Houston and nationwide.  Some offerings have a local interest while others may start locally but have global aspirations.  Since funding is always an obstacle within the minority communities, we only ask that you consider becoming an Angel Investor.  Businesses that are listed here must have complete business plans that include:  exit strategies, financial projections, marketing strategies and a prototype if necessary.

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The New Science of Giving
A young Houston couple is planning to give away $4 billion — but only to projects that prove they are worth it.  Can they redefine the world of philanthropy?

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The People Mean Everything


People, not ideas, are unique. I don’t care if you know no one, if you can meet the right people, and I don’t mean well connected — I just mean smart and friendly and resourceful and creative — they will end up being interested in what you’re trying to do. There isn’t any technology or any financial backing that will compensate for bad people, and good people can compensate for all of those things.


Number of words in a keyword search that signal when a user is more likely to make a purchase or receive items of value. SOURCE: ONEUPWEB


of all businesses in Texas are small businesses.


of Texas businesses are minority owned resulting in $67.4 Billion in quarterly billings.


circa the number of Black-owned businesses in the Greater Houston area.

What’s the BIG IDEA?


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